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MALLMART is a concept of Welcome Group of Companies and it is a Fast Growing Convenient Store Concept in UAE. We provide all kinds of day to day needs which include Chocolates, Cold Drinks, Juices, Aerated Drinks, Water, Biscuits, Dairy products, and much more. We provide 75 different varieties of Tea and Coffee meeting Indian and Arabic taste and requirements. We have all Arabic and European Western brands that satisfy all types of customers. We provide all kinds of Crispy delightful Sandwiches,Burgers, Breakfast packs, Snacks and much more. We serve Indian, Arabic and Western customers with utmost satisfaction. We also provide all kind of Stationary products, Daily Need products, Gift items, Recharge Cards, Salik tags and all types of essentials.

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Serving delicious Breads, Sandwitches & Wraps
Healthy hand picked Savories
Easy Grab and Go
be it Hot or Cold, mall mart serves the Best Juices & Beverages
75 variety of Tea, Coffee & Juices and much more

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